What YOU Need to Know about Infection Prevention

This infection control and prevention course was created for healthcare professionals, healthcare students, training centers, and long-term care facilities to leverage for their use. Professionally designed, easy to digest, and completely free to use, this course was based on CDC-provided materials and approved by the Indiana Department of Health. You can enroll for FREE and take the courses whenever and wherever you’d like.

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Here’s what’s included in the course:

How Does Science Work?

This module defines and explains the six steps of the Scientific Method to help learners appreciate the process scientists use for scientific discovery. When we understand how science evolves, we can appreciate that we continue to learn and make updates as new information becomes available. In this module, healthcare workers will learn the steps of the Scientific Method so they can better understand when and why guidelines for infection prevention practices are updated.

How do I Know What Guidelines to Listen To?

This module helps learners appreciate the value of a reliable information source, identify reliable sources and choose sources appropriate for a given healthcare setting. Sometimes it can be confusing to know which information sources to trust when making decisions about keeping yourself, co-workers, and patients safe from infections. In this module, healthcare workers will learn how to find and then apply trustworthy guidelines appropriate to a given healthcare setting.

Using Clinical Guidelines Beyond the Clinic

This module explains why using infection prevention guidelines is important for healthcare workers in their work setting but also in other settings where they spend time. A healthy healthcare workforce is critical for maintaining facility capacity to meet demand and high quality of care. In this module, healthcare workers will learn how to adapt guidelines to other locations where they spend time to keep themselves safe so they can continue coming to work.

Recognize Infection Risks in Healthcare

In healthcare, caring for and protecting patients is always the top priority. This includes protecting patients from getting infections while they are receiving care. With a foundational knowledge about how germs spread and the “why” behind infection control, infection risks can be recognized, and decisions can be made to prevent people from getting sick. In this module, healthcare workers will learn to recognize where germs live and how to prevent them from spreading, which are the first steps in understanding when to take action to protect patients and themselves.

Candida auris: Stopping the Spread

This module describes the drug resistant organism Candida auris, its impact in healthcare, and actions healthcare workers can take to reduce its spread. Because Candida auris exhibits a 30 to 60 percent mortality rate in infected people and has been known to be resistant to all known medications, it is critical that healthcare workers understand and can take action to stop the spread of Candida auris through good infection prevention practices.

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